Stone Burier Landscaping
A professional hydraulic stone burier for preparation of lawn beds. The stone burier mills the soil, buries eventual stones and other objects up to 150 mm depth in a single pass, making a milled and tamped topsoil. Working depth is steplessly adjustable with the rear field roller. With the optional seeding unit you are able to make a ready lawn surface on one pass. Stone buriers are most commonly used when the topsoil needs to be milled thoroughly. The soil is milled more thoroughly and deeper than with a rotary harrow.
  • Professional, efficient stone burier
  • Top grade finish with just one pass
  • Can be equipped with seeding unit – ready lawn surface in a single pass

Stone Burier Videos


400, 500, R, 600 & 700 SERIES

Model 1130 1300 1500
Working width 1130 mm 1300 mm 1500 mm
Roller width 1320 mm 1500 mm 1700 mm
Working depth 0 – 150 mm 0 – 150 mm 0-160 mm
Weight 218 kg 250 kg 290 kg
Weight with seeding unit 250 kg 290 kg 330 kg
Product no A21010 A21237 A410303


Product For model Product no
Seeding unit 1130 mm A21011
Seeding unit 1300 mm A21238
Seeding unit 1500 mm A410304


Model 220 225 313S 320S 320S+ 419 420 520 525LPG 528 630 635 640 745 750 760i R20 R28 R35
1130 no no no no no yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes no no no yes yes yes
1300 no no no no no maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe yes yes yes maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe yes
1500 no no no no no no no no no no maybe yes yes yes yes yes no no yes


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