Avant 630 Perfect Combination Of Power And Agility

Avant 630

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1100 kg
26 hp diesel
2,8 m
14 km/h

Perfect Combination Of Power And Agility

  • Driving speed even 22 km/h
  • Powerful hydraulic system enables the use of all attachments
  • Agile loader – Fits into all kinds of working areas
  • Telescopic boom as a standard
  • All cabin variants, including air conditioning available




Length 2550 mm
Width see table
Height 2035 mm
Weight 1330 + 170 kg
Standard wheels 26×12.00-12”Grass / TR
Transmission, drive hydrostatic
Pulling force 1200 kp
Drive speed 14 km/h
Aux. hydraulics oil flow / pressure 44 l/min 200 bar
Turning radius inside/outside 900 / 2190 mm
Max. lifting height 2835 mm
Tipping load * 1000 kg
Max. breakout force / 50 cm 1250 kg
Engine make and type Kubota D 1105
Engine output (ISO Gross) 19 kW (26 hp)
Fuel Diesel

*) Load is measured at 400 mm from the attachment coupling plate, including attachment weight (70 kg) and with counterweights.


Wheel size Width
27 x 8.50 – 15 1005 mm
23 x 10.50 – 12 1140 mm
26 x 12.00 – 12 1290 mm
320/60 – 12 1290 mm


Wheel size 23 x 10.50 – 12 26" wheels & 320/60-12 27 x 8.50 – 15
L Cab 2020 mm 2035 mm 2048 mm
LX Cab 2010 mm 2025 mm 2038 mm
DLX Cab 2030 mm 2045 mm 2058 mm
DLX with A/C on the roof 2166 mm 2181 mm 2194 mm





Starting point with the Avant 600 Series was the idea that there can be found briskly lifting capacity from the machine in relation to its size and also that there is enough hydraulic power to the attachment. 600 series loaders are able to lift up to 1100kg which is 74% of its own weight. Handy dimensions of the machine provide agile movement in small spaces.


The 600 series includes three models which differ mainly from their power and drive transmission. Avant 630 and 635 models are equipped with single speed, and 640 two-speed driving technique.The speed of Avant 640 is very close to the speed of 750, being 22 km / h. This enables to use 640 loader effectively in property maintenance in the cities and also when the moving distances are longer.The speed of AVANT 635 and AVANT 630 is 14 km/h, which is enough while working in smaller areas or construction site and when distances are not so long.


Avant 600 Series loader is very stable to drive due to its gravity points. With a large variety of different tire options it is possible to stabilize driving even more. Visibility from the loader is excellent and there is no need for the driver to peek out from the cabin to see the attachment. The loader is easy to manage and drive. Other options, accessories and different cabin levels increase comfort as well.



AVANT attachments have been designed to work as an equal partner on AVANT loaders, following these principles:

Best machine-attachment combination can only be achieved when a good basic machine is fitted with attachments that are specifically designed for this machine. The dimensions, auxiliary hydraulics output and other features of AVANT are in perfect balance with the attachments.

Work efficiency of the attachments is of great importance. AVANT attachments have been designed to give maximum output with the combination loader-attachment.

Attachments are designed for hard, continuous professional work.

Special attention has been paid to safety features in attachment design.


Avant-loaders and attachments have been designed for year-round use. Cab options, work light options and technical solutions in the loaders have been made as well to the winter cold as to the summer afternoon. Avants features are therefore very versatile for year-round use. Wide range of attachments will ensure that the machine is not standing without use a large part of the year but that there will be lots of beneficial uses each time of the year.


Compact loader does not always mean low in power. Compared to other same sized articulated loaders, Avant has significantly smaller outer dimensions. This enables excellent visibility from the machine and working in tight spaces. In the rear of this compact loader You really feel that you are on control of the attachment and your working conditions.


Light machine combined with articulation enables driving on sensitive ground without harming it. This saves a lot of time because You wont have to repair damages after Your work is done. It also enables use of the loader as an effective lawn mover.



In the development of all Avant machines the focus has been on excellent visibility. Driver has to see the whole machine; from the front, back and both sides. Same goes to machines equipped with safety canopy as with cabin.

Cabin which is build to the front frame of the machine has an very important role with visibility. It provides the best sight to the attachment and work.The best touch to the work is achieved when the driver is sitting as near to the attachment as possible.

Third important fact with visibility is Avants eccentric telescopic boom. Telescopic boom is located aside from the centralline of the machine and due to this the visibility to the front is very good in every position of the boom.


All Avant loaders have rigid articulation joint. This is the single most important factor in helping to achieve the excellent stability in all situations. In addition of articulation joint, center of gravity has been put as low as possible so that the stability of the loader increases.


There is a ROPS-accepted safety canopy and FOPS-accepted safety roof as a standard equipment in every 600-series loader.


A load sensor is fitted as standard to the AVANT 600 series and provides an audible warning if the rear wheels are about to lift off the ground. This pre emptive warning gives the operator more time to react in the event of the machine becoming unstable.



With over 100 attachment Avant is a loader which is very easy and flexible to change into all kinds of works. Changing attachment is very fast and simple. So, with the same loader You can perform all kinds of work just by changing the attachment.


Compact and articulated loader consumes remarkably little fuel and in normal use it is possible to get under 3 l/h consumption with 600-series loaders. Due to the articulated structure also the consumption of the tires is minimalistic.


Simple and transparent construction and high quality components reduce significantly the need of maintanance. Low amount of electronics and the use of well-known components reduce the price of maintenance.


Avant loaders have been tested in the colds of Antarktis as well as in the burning heats of Middle East. Strong experience and test in all kinds of working conditions ensure that the loader will last unbreakable in different kinds of heavy duty working conditions and construction areas.



Avant has been known from its telescopic boom for a long time. It makes it possible that the structure of the loader is very compact and that the lifting capacity is great. When the telescopic boom is inside it is possible to lift huge weights while as the boom is outside it is possible to reach excellent dimension and lifting height. Very often wide dimension is even more important than the lifting height.


Avant attachment connection system enables simple and easy way of connecting the attachment. Mechanical connection system is half automatical. It means that attachment can be connected and locked directly from the cab by turning the attachment enough back.

For connecting the attachment there is hydraulic quick attachment plate also available. This quick attachment plate is fully used from the cabin of the loader and with it it is possible to release and open the connection without stepping away from the cabin.

Hydraulic multi connector system of Avant is the most advanced in the market. Easy connecting and detaching also possible with engine running and/or pressure on attachment. Connection works in all situations and it cannot be connected in a wrong way. The mechanism is also leak free so changing the attacment is no longer a messy thing to do and there is no oil dropping while detaching.


Articulated loaders of Avant are very easy to learn to drive. The loader is controlled from the steering wheel and driving forward and backwards happens with two pedals. The machine's compact dimensions facilitate driving, because driver can see the whole machine and attachment while sitting on the driver´s seat. Even if You don´t have any previous experience with driving machines, You can lear to drive Avant with just few hours of practise.


The speed of the model AVANT 640 is even 22km/h. This speed enables to use 640 loader effectively also in property maintenance in the cities.

The speed of AVANT 635 and AVANT 630 is 14 km/h, which is enough while working in smaller areas or construction site.


Avant loaders are equipped with a certified ROPS/ FOPS safety frame with tinted plexiglass canopy as standard. In addition, there are as many as three different cab options available.

AVANT cab L is an excellent and economical choice when the operator wants to have protection against rain, wind and snowfall. It improves operator comfort and working conditions considerably. The cab mounts on the standard ROPS frame, which means safety is guaranteed. It consists of windscreen (equipped with wiper), right side window and rear window.

AVANT cab LX provides the option of a heated cab. The cab LX has all the features of cab L and, in addition, is equipped with a door and a heater, which further improve operator comfort in harsh weather conditions. And for warmer seasons the door and windows can easily be removed if required. The optional headlight, blinker, reflector + beacon kit can be installed both on cab L and LX.

The starting point of the design of the new DLX cab was to further improve the ergonomics and driver’s working conditions. The DLX cab is designed to provide best possible working conditions also in the roughest environments, from hot to cold temperatures, and from rain to sunshine. Improvements include more space inside the cab, larger windows and reduced noise levels. The much wanted option of air conditioning and air suspension seat are also now available for the new cab.

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Avant 630 Compatible Accessories

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