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So you want to charge or run your tools from your truck.

As part of our business we quite often get asked about portable power available for vans, trucks, cars and on-site by trademen who are after charging batteries, running drills, hose crimping and tyre fitting equipment, lap-tops and having a cuppa. So hopefully this will help you make more sense about what an inverter is and how it can be of use to you. 1500w-12v-dc-to-110v-ac-modified-wave-voltage-inverter So firstly, what is a power inverter? A power inverter is a device that converts DC Battery power to Mains Voltage. This enables anyone to power electrical devices remotely. Power inverters are commonly used in both the commercial and the leisure markets. For example, they are ideal for commercial vehicles where tools are used, but can also be used in a camper van as an off-the-grid power supply.

We can supply from the Durite range of voltage inverters to suit 12/24V applications with 110V to 240V power output.

■ Wide range of Sine and Modified wave inverters for the commercial and leisure industries. ■ Remote control facility for 800W+ ■ High peak capability for start-up demads. ■ Quick and easy installation. ■ Protect against overload and over temperature.  
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Operated Hire – plant, shrub, sapling & tree stump removal.

Avant Tree ShearThe Avant Tree Shear has more uses than just the obvious. When you need to remove shrubs, saplings and small trees, one option is to go and get the garden fork and shovel out. Then start to dig around the plant and work your way around it cutting the roots until you are able to get enough movement on it to dig it out. Another option is to get a mini digger in and again work your way around the plant and then scoop it out. The easiest solution is to get an operated hire from us at We will come along and operate the equipment for you, clear the unwanted plants, shrubs, saplings & trees and leave you to the easier job of replanting knowing that all the time consuming work is done.
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Feb 2017 Promotion – Assortment wiring boxes

For February 2017 we have some great wiring assortment boxes at great prices.

They cover pre-insulated terminals, push-on terminals, ring & fork terminals.
As well as selections of most fuse types.
Mini, Blade & Maxi Fuses, J-Case & Pal Fuses, Mini, Mega & Strip fuses and Glass & Continental fuses.
You can see more information about the offer here – Durite Electrical Parts – Wiring assortment boxes
To grab yourself a wonderful deal just call or pop me an email with your selection and we will post it out to you.

The offer is valid until 28/02/2017

Terms & Conditions apply

Whilst stocks last

Postage & Packing charges apply

Prices exclude VAT 

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Bucks County Show 2016

This year was our 2nd year of showing at the Bucks County Show and how things have changed for us. This was our stand back in 2011, due to a smaller budget we had to cram everything into the space we could afford.
Reach It - Move It - Crush It at the Bucks County Show 2011
Our first trade stand at the Bucks County Show in 2011 showing our wears.
This year was our 2nd year of showing at the Bucks County Show in its 149th. So we will be looking forward to being part of there 150th show next year on the 29th August 2017. The show this year took almost a week to get together, attend and then break down and put away but the effort was well worth it for the fun we had on the day. It all started earlier in the week with a trip up to Avant HQ to collect a few additional machines for the stand.
RMC ready for the Bucks Show 2016
Loaded up and ready to go outside Avant UK’s new customer centre.
We have made many new contacts, along with a whole host of next generation operators who had a great time looking over the equipment, getting there pictures taken and who got to take home stickers, pens and all sorts of goodies.   We had some of the Avant range of loaders on the stand, with a whole host of more agricultural, equestrian, forestry & landscape attachments. The list included
  • PROTEC post drivers,
  • BLEC box rakes,
  • DIGGA augers and extension drives,
  • GYRU-STAR screening buckets
all of which can supply to fit on your own equipment either on a hire or sales, subject to hitch interface and hydraulic fittings & flow requirements. If you are interested in any of the above equipment for your own equipment, get in touch with us via .