Gyru-Star Screening Bucket Options and Information

The Gyru-Star range of soil & material screening buckets separates different sized soil and waste materials effectively thanks to its unique polyurethane star construction. The purpose of the screening bucket is to separate larger and smaller particles from soil & waste heaps, without crushing the larger items into smaller particles. 
Topsoil making for landscaping, nurseries and wholesale is one of the principle uses for the Gyru-Star screening buckets. It is capable of separating out the waste you find in soil such as bottles & cans without breaking or damaging them, making it safe to use the soil in parks and gardens.
The Gyru-Star range of screening buckets can also be used to alter the composition of topsoil for different uses. You can mix in sand, peat, silt, clay and fertilisers in order to make the soil composition right for your job.

You can also use the screening bucket to produce back fillings (padding) for pipes, cables, ducting & underground tanks. You can screen the fine material on top of the pipes or tanks to protect them without the need to bring in a clean fine material to the job site, saving on the cost of removing spoil and buying in blinding material.

In waste management sites you can separate bottles, cans etc from your leaves etc making it easier to recycle the material and use it to aerate, blend and stir up your composting material.



               bucket options to suit micro, mini, midi and compact machines.

              along with buckets to suit larger 360 and rubber duck excavators.

Model Carrier Weight Weight Oil Flow
2-50E 1T - 2.3T 170kg 40 L/m
3-80E 2.7T - 4T 290kg 55 L/m
3-100E 4T - 5T  
3-120HE (available Feb 2015) 5T - 7T 420kg 65 L/m
4-100HE 7T - 9T 560kg 90 L/m
4-120HE 10T - 14T 800kg 90 L/m
6-120HE (available April 2015) 14T - 18T  
6-200HE (coming soon)


     options for tractors, skidsteers, telehandlers and articulated compact loaders.

Model Weight Oil Flow
3-120HE 420kg 65 L/m
4-120HE 800kg 90 L/m

                                   Backhoes and 180 Excavators

Model Weight Oil Flow
3-120HE 420kg 65 L/m
4-100HE 560kg 90 L/m

                           Bespoke options and a Hose cross over kit are also avaliable.

Star Spacers
We are able to offer the following screening gaps between the star figure and centre boss
Std spacing 20mm x30mm, giving a nominal 20-25mm end product.
Option No.1 20mm x15mm, giving a nominal 15-20mm end product.
Option No.2 20mm x5mm,   giving a nominal 10mm end product.


RMC ~ Gyru-Star Screening Bucket on a 3T Excavator

Soil sieving with Gyru-star screening bucket and Avant 750

RMC ~ Gyru-Star Screening Gyru-star Bucket on an Excavator Screening & Blending Compost

RMC - Gyru-Star 3-120E Soil & Waste Screening System and Blending Bucket

Gyru-star screening bucket used to prepare topsoil for lawn seeding project with an Avant Loader

Gyru-star screening bucket - screening as dug soil for ground reinforcement with an Avant Loader

RMC Gyru-Star Avant Screening bucket ~ screening fines from a mixed spoil and waste heap

RMC ~ Avant Screening Bucket ~ Screening topsoil from heap

Avant 4-1000 Screening Bucket

RMC ~ Gyru-Star Screening Bucket on an Avant Loader